Welcome to The Fuzzy Butts Blog

Krista, author of The Fuzzy Butt's Blog

Welcome to The Fuzzy Butts Blog

The Fuzzy Butts Blog is a blog for pet parents offering trade secrets of the grooming industry from a professional groomer with over 20 years experience. My mission is to teach you, the average pet owner, how grooming your pet at home can save you money on grooming and veterinary bills, strengthen your bond with your pet, and improve your pet’s overall health and well being.

When you start grooming your pet at home on a regular basis, you will become aware of any change in your pet’s health much more quickly, and be able to act on things like ear infections, skin irritations, and mysterious lumps or bumps, hopefully before they become a serious problem. My mission is to teach you how to care for your pet’s ears, eyes, teeth, nails, skin, and coat at home. Preventive care is the first step to keeping your pet healthy and saving you money on grooming and veterinary bills.

Have you ever taken your pet to the groomer and requested a certain haircut, only to be told that your pet was too matted for that haircut? You know you’ve been brushing at home, and you can’t understand how your pet got so matted. Having the proper tools and techniques will make all the difference! My mission is to teach you how brushing and combing your pet at home really can be easy and enjoyable for you and your pet.

Or, you drop your pet off at the groomer, kennel or veterinarian, go about your day, and then receive that dreaded phone call…. your pet has an ear infection, a skin infection, or is infested with fleas or ticks! Of course, they are going to want to treat that problem or send you to the veterinarian for treatment (Which, I agree, can be necessary, especially if the problem goes unnoticed for too long.) Your bill is going to skyrocket and your pet has been suffering unnecessarily because you were unaware there was a problem, or you didn’t know what to do about it. My mission is to teach you how to discover these problems before they become serious, react quickly with the right tools, techniques, or treatments, and hopefully save yourself from having a huge grooming or veterinary bill, and save your pet unnecessary pain, suffering or discomfort.

One of the most common problems I see pet parents struggling with is stinky ears and chronic ear infections. My first tutorial is designed to help you, the average pet owner, Take Charge of Stinky Ears and Chronic Ear Infections at home. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

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