Childhood Obsession Turned Lifetime Career

About Me, Krista, author of The Fuzzy Butts Blog
Krista, author of The Fuzzy Butts Blog
How a childhood obsession with animals turned into a lifetime career as a pet groomer… and now author of The Fuzzy Butts Blog.

Hi! I’m Krista, and as far back as I can remember, I have fallen in love with every animal I laid my eyes on!  I grew up on a morgan horse farm in Upstate New York. My Mom was a home based dog groomer, and I spent countless hours as a child in the grooming shop watching her work, and helping when I got old enough. Eventually, my childhood obsession with animals turn into a lifetime career as a pet groomer. My first “real job” out of high school was as a groomer in a neighborhood grooming shop. I have been grooming professionally ever since. I now have more than 20 years experience grooming professionally. I have worked in shops owned by dog show judges, soaking up all the knowledge I could. I owned my own shop for a while, before selling it to move back close to my Dad and other family and friends in Southwest Florida. Right now, I am the sole groomer employed in a veterinary hospital in Southwest Florida. I have been there for 4 years now, and I love it! I will continue working there until I am ready to retire. Working there has expanded my knowledge base beyond grooming and taught me so much about incorporating grooming with animal health. God has truly blessed me with lifetime career that I love and enjoy. I want to share my knowledge with pet owners, like YOU, so that you can save money on grooming and veterinary bills, strengthen your bond with your pet, and improve your pet’s overall health and well being. I could seriously look at, and talk about, dogs and cats until I’m blue in the face(and most days, I do just that!) So, that is how the idea for this blog came to be. I hope you enjoy it and learn from it. I look forward to your comments and questions! You can contact me by clicking here!

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