Cozy Pet Beds from The Fuzzy Butts Pet Boutique

Cozy Pet Beds

We love cozy pet beds here at The Fuzzy Butts Pet Boutique! These cozy pet beds will make a great gift for any pet or pet lover, and make a stylish addition to any decor. There are millions of cozy pet beds to choose from, but these are my personal favorites.
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Furhaven Orthopedic Mattress Pet Bed for Dogs and Cats
cozy pet beds by the Fuzzy Butts Pet BoutiqueFor the ultimate in cozy pet beds, this egg crate, orthopedic pet bed is a great choice for dogs and cats with stiffness in their joints. It comes in lots of different colors and sizes and has a removable, washable cover. My boxer, Rocky Wilson, loves his orthopedic bed! We have it in the chocolate brown, size large.

Pecute Deluxe Pet Bed- Rectangle Cuddler with Soft Detachable Cushion
cozy pet beds by the Fuzzy Butts Pet BoutiqueI love these cozy pet beds for cats and small to medium size dogs with cuddler sidewalls make it extra cozy. The cushion is removable and washable and it comes in two sizes, small and medium.

Enchanted Home Brisbane Tufted Pet Bed/Sofa
cozy pet beds by the Fuzzy Butts Pet BoutiqueThese little pet sofas are just too cute! These cozy pet beds would look great with any living room or bedroom decor, and they get your pet up off the drafty floor too!


Cuddle Pouch Pet Bed For Burrower Cats and Puppies
Cats and small dogs who love to burrow up under the blankets will love these cozy cuddle pouch pet beds. The tops doesn’t stay up on it’s own, so they burrow up in it and hide just like they do under the covers on the bed.