How to Remove Skunk Smell from a Dog In 5 Easy Steps

Sooner or later, it’s bound to happen. You open the door to let the dog in and WHAM!!! It hits you like a ton of bricks. Skunk!!!! You throw the dog back out the door, and run around the house looking for dog shampoo, tomato juice, vinegar, peroxide and baking soda…. etc, etc…. ANYTHING TO GET RID OF THAT SKUNK SMELL!!!

Well, I hate to tell ya, but those home remedies don’t work all that well. And, DON’T get your dog wet trying to get rid of the smell by giving him/ her a bath in plain old dog shampoo. That will only make the skunk smell worse, and it actually sets the skunk smell into the coat. Continue reading to learn How to Remove Skunk Smell from a Dog In 5 Easy Steps!

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Caring for Your Pet’s Teeth

Caring for Your Pet's Teeth - The Fuzzy Butts Blog
Krista, author of The Fuzzy Butts Blog

Caring for your pet’s teeth is essential to their health. Neglected teeth can lead to systemic infections and heart disease as well as gum infections, abscesses, and bad breath.

Caring for your pet’s teeth at home is an essential way to help keep your pet’s teeth healthy and their breath nice and fresh. When you are looking in your pet’s mouth regularly, you will notice issues early, while they are still minor, saving your pet, and your wallet, unnecessary pain and suffering.

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Skin Infections – The Itch That Keeps Coming Back!

Red rash? Constant licking and chewing? Rancid odor? Skin infections are an all too common problem for pet owners. They are the itch that keeps coming back!

Identifying The Source Of Your Pet’s Skin Infections

There are several different types of skin infections that are common in dogs and cats. Knowing which one you are dealing with can be key to getting it cleared up. Some types of skin infections will require testing by the vet to diagnose, but there are some common types that are easier to identify at home.

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Take Charge of Stinky Ears and Chronic Ear Infections

Stinky ears and chronic ear infections are a very common problem for pet parents. So what causes stinky ears and chronic ear infections? I see people spending TONS of money treating ear infections that most likely could have been prevented by taking proper care of your pet’s ears at home. Continue reading if you want to learn how to take charge of stinky ears and chronic ear infections at home, and potentially save a TON of money on vet bills.

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Designate a Place for Grooming Your Pet at Home

The first thing I recommend is that you designate a place, such as a grooming table or other sturdy non-skid surface, for grooming your pet at home. A lot of my clients use the top of their washer or dryer and put a non-skid bathtub matt on it. You can put an eye hook on the wall to attach a grooming noose to, if you like. If you plan on doing a lot of grooming at home, a professional grooming table (affiliate link) is a small investment that will make your life so much easier! It is just the right height for working on comfortably, has a non-skid surface, and comes with a grooming arm and noose so that you can use both hands at the same time.

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