3 Easy Steps to Keep Your Pet and Home Free of Fleas

Keeping your pet and home free of fleas is important for your pet’s health. Flea populations explode in the spring. Chances are good that if you have a pet, you will be dealing with fleas this time of year. Even if your pet never goes outside, fleas can jump on your shoes or clothing and hitch a ride into the house. Once inside, they will find places to hide and multiply. Most people don’t realize that fleas generally don’t live on the animals they feed on. Usually, they just jump on the animal to feed, and then jump off and hide in dark, out of the way places. Some of their favorite spots are underneath of furniture and in carpets and upholstery. Continue reading to learn the easy steps you can take to keep your pet and home flea-free…

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Designate a Place for Grooming Your Pet at Home

The first thing I recommend is that you designate a place, such as a grooming table or other sturdy non-skid surface, for grooming your pet at home. A lot of my clients use the top of their washer or dryer and put a non-skid bathtub matt on it. You can put an eye hook on the wall to attach a grooming noose to, if you like. If you plan on doing a lot of grooming at home, a professional grooming table (affiliate link) is a small investment that will make your life so much easier! It is just the right height for working on comfortably, has a non-skid surface, and comes with a grooming arm and noose so that you can use both hands at the same time.

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