3 Easy Steps to Keep Your Pet and Home Free of Fleas

Keeping your pet and home free of fleas is important for your pet’s health. Flea populations explode in the spring. Chances are good that if you have a pet, you will be dealing with fleas this time of year. Even if your pet never goes outside, fleas can jump on your shoes or clothing and hitch a ride into the house. Once inside, they will find places to hide and multiply. Most people don’t realize that fleas generally don’t live on the animals they feed on. Usually, they just jump on the animal to feed, and then jump off and hide in dark, out of the way places. Some of their favorite spots are underneath of furniture and in carpets and upholstery. Continue reading to learn the easy steps you can take to keep your pet and home flea-free…

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Dogs and Chocolate: A Dangerous Combination!

Dogs and chocolate can be a lethal mix. With Easter approaching, it is a good time to talk about the dangers of chocolate for dogs. The symptoms of chocolate poisoning can vary from mild to life threatening. It all depends on the type and amount of chocolate your dog, or cat, consumes.

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Pet Health Emergencies: What To Keep in Your Pet’s First Aid Kit


Pet health emergencies
Krista, author of The Fuzzy Butts Blog

Pet health emergencies always seem to occur at the worst possible time! Usually, in the middle of the night, or over the weekend, when your only option is a very expensive trip to the emergency animal hospital. If you live in a very rural area, your only option may be to wait until the vet opens in town. Being prepared to handle your pet’s health emergencies at home could save your pet’s life, save you some money, and save your pet some needless pain and suffering!

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Skin Infections – The Itch That Keeps Coming Back!

Red rash? Constant licking and chewing? Rancid odor? Skin infections are an all too common problem for pet owners. They are the itch that keeps coming back!

Identifying The Source Of Your Pet’s Skin Infections

There are several different types of skin infections that are common in dogs and cats. Knowing which one you are dealing with can be key to getting it cleared up. Some types of skin infections will require testing by the vet to diagnose, but there are some common types that are easier to identify at home.

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Assess Your Pet’s Health at Home in 6 Easy Steps

learn how to assess your pet's health at home in 6 easy steps
Bella and Rocky Wilson, our happy, healthy, handsome boxer

You can learn how to assess your pet’s health at home in 6 easy steps, catching minor problems before they become serious (and expensive) health issues! Perform the following assessment as part of your regular grooming routine.

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