The Tools and Products a Professional Groomer Recommends For Grooming Your Pet at Home

This is a list of the products and tools that I use every day in the salon and at home when grooming my own pets. You do not need everything on this list!!! As you start reading my blog and learning how to groom your dog at home, you will learn what you need for your specific pet and situation.

Some links on this page may be affiliate links. AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU, I may receive a small commission if you choose to purchase a product from one of these links. Rest assured, I will only ever recommend products that I truly believe in and have tested and used in the salon or at home on my own pets.

Tools I Use on a Daily Basis

  • Ear Care: My absolute favorite ear wash is Zymox Ear Cleanser . It contains Enzymes that inhibit the growth of bacteria. I use it on my boxer who has chronic ear problems, and it really works! He very rarely has ear infections anymore, and when he does seem to have some type of irritation starting up, I use Zymox Enzymatic Solution as directed on the bottle, and it clears it up immediately. I wouldn’t be without these two products in my house. I also really love the Vet’s Best Ear Relief Wash . It is full of natural ingredients like chamomile and tea tree oil to sooth itchiness and redness. (NOTE: If your dog has a severe ear infection, see your vet for treatment.)

  • If you are going to pluck your dog’s ears at home, you will need ear powder. I use R-7 Ear Powder. Be sure to clean all of the powder out of the ears with ear wash when you are done plucking.

  • My favorite nail trimmers are the Miller’s Forge Nail Clippers. They are sharp and they are large enough to give you some leverage, making the job quick and easy. If you want to file your dog’s nails after trimming them, Steel Nail File will get rid of the sharp edges. A Dremmel Tool will really make them smooth and get them as short as possible. Don’t forget to have some Styptic Powder on hand, just in case you get one too short.

  • A slicker brush is a must! I recommend getting one or two depending on your dog or cat’s coat type. Here are my favorites: For smooth coats- use this one. For medium to long coats-use this one. For de-matting and de-shedding- use this one.

  • My favorite comb is this Steel Dog Grooming Comb . It has a wider tooth side for de-matting and tangles, and a finer side for finishing. It works great for both dogs and cats. A good comb is absolutely essential.

  • At work, I have a fancy, shmancy hydrolic grooming table. But at home, I use a table like this Adjustable Dog Grooming Table. It has an arm and comes with a grooming noose, which is great, because you really need to be able to use both hands while you work. (Just don’t EVER walk away from your pet when it is on the table, not even for a second!) It also has folding legs for storage.

  • There are two clippers that I use on an every day basis. The Andis AG2 2 Speed Clipper , is an absolute must if your dog has a thicker coat. The blades I recommend getting for this one are the #30(for shaving out pads), #10(for trimming eye corners, sanitary trims, and shaving out very bad matts), and either a #7F, #5F , #4F , or a #3F, depending on the length of coat you are going for. I also love my Wahl Cordless Clipper for lighter, more detailed work, like shaving out pads, trimming eye corners, and doing sanitary trims. The Snap on Combs that go with this are great for leaving a longer length of coat, but your dog has to be clean and matt free or they won’t go through the coat.  Kool Lube or Clippercide are also needed as well as blade oil to maintain your blades, and keep them clean and cool. Get the Clippercide if your pet has skin issues. It will kill any bacteria on your blades.

  • A good, High Velocity Blow Dryer is a must for me at work and at home. It cuts brushing time by 80% when used properly for de-shedding. It is also a lifesaver when you want to give your poodle or bichon a professional looking blow out. And, it will cut your drying time way, way down, no matter what kind of coat your pet has. I wouldn’t be without mine. It’s a must have if you want to achieve that professional look when grooming your pet at home.

    • As you gain confidence, you will want to learn how to do some scissoring at home, this Scissor Set has everything you need, including thinning shears, which are great for de-matting and blending.

    • This is the De-Matting Tool I use for getting out stubborn matts that won’t come out with a brush and comb. If you can’t get it out with this, it will probably have to be shaved out. NOTE: This tool is SHARP!!! Please do your research to make sure you are using it properly!!!